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Apprenticeship Training Program

Traditional Restoration Company P/L established in 1985, has a well-deserved reputation for the training of their stonemasonry apprentices with many reaching the highest award available in NSW.

In 2020, in order to ensure that this legacy of training continues and, in an effort to reverse the current rate of loss of traditional skills in the market place TRC have employed Andrew Wilson, a well known and fully qualified stonemason from Scotland who has spent the last 20 years working in Sydney. Andrew now dedicates his full-time presence on our apprenticeship training program as a mentor. His role is to provide extension learning to all our apprentices and ensure that at the conclusion of their training they have a complete and thorough knowledge and appreciation of the technical as well as practical skills which differentiate traditional restoration stonemasons from the much more common marble and granite cladding trade.

It is our goal to re-create this program in our joinery and metalwork division in the coming years once suitable mentors have been sourced